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Audio-Driven Nutcracker Jaw.

Audio-Driven Nutcracker Jaw. Rather than Nutcracker Jaw being based entirely on mouth camera tracking, it'd be great to have an option to have it triggered by VO.
  • Tim Luecke
  • Sep 29 2016
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  • Jeff Almasol commented
    May 4, 2017 21:53

    Beta 6's Nutcracker Jaw now has audio input support, along with control of movement type (vertical or rotational).

  • David Henderson commented
    October 4, 2017 17:24

    This is great news Jeff :) I'd love to see this functionality extended to the "Compute lip sync from scene audio", as I end up using mostly recorded voice talent, and acting out the visual performance myself. This fits the existing workflow, as our sound booth is totally insulated and gets clean audio, but its tiny, and the pop-guard would likely interfere with the webcams analysis. As well as the extended time paying the voice actors to do takes based on visual performance, vs me revising to my hearts content.

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