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Allow behavior to be collapsed in the timeline to hide its takes and save vertical space

(from Jerry Klaimon<>, DVACH-4196466)

Problem Description: Sometimes the timeline gets rather crowded with takes, so that in order to see them all at once it is necessary to drag the TL way upward and the view window gets very small. This FR would allow all the takes for a particular behavior to be collapsed.

Steps to Reproduce:
Record several behaviors. I did four dangles, three KB triggers and a lip sync.

Actual Result:
See how crowded the TL gets (attached image)

Expected Result: With this FR there would be a little triangle by each behavior to allow the takes for that behavior to be collapsed. Note that some of the sub-behaviors already have this little triangle (I'm not sure why, maybe I recorded twice?)

Any Workarounds: Drag TL up until all takes can be seen..

  • Jerry Klaimon
  • Nov 8 2016
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