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Make it easier to create and manage emotion sets

The ability to assign a key modifier for different sets of emotions.  Example: holding '1' could be happy-all the mouthshapes that are in the 'happy' set of layers would be used. Holding '2' might be angry, triggering more angry looking mouthshapes.  The key to this being great would be flexibility. So if the mapped key is 1, then perhaps some sort of convention in the naming of mouth shape layers "#1-smile", "#1-Oh", etc could be used. Should be made available for eye shapes, eyebrows, mouth, etc. think open-ended and flexible

  • Gary Ingle
  • Nov 15 2016
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  • David Simons commented
    November 16, 2016 20:24

    This is already possible by having multiple Mouth groups, each triggered by a separate key (except for the default group), and having a full set of visemes inside each one. So we'll consider this feature request a way to make it easier to set it up or find out that it's possible.

  • Admin
    Michel Besner commented
    November 17, 2016 13:34

    Per David's comment, we will rename the idea "To make it easier to create and manage emotion sets" - please keep voting :-)

  • Dave Werner commented
    June 6, 2017 23:01

    The current way to do this is outlined here:

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