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Work fully with Animate CC (formerly known as Flash Pro)

Some people I know feel comfortable working in An for design, drawing, render and export. Being able to get the lipsync and pose by pose then tweak it as vectors would be nice too.

  • Franck Payen
  • Nov 16 2016
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  • Katharine Gilbert commented
    November 18, 2016 16:56

    Totally agree with this. Been seeking a connection of An with many of the app that handle animation!

  • David Simons commented
    November 18, 2016 17:16

    We'd love to hear details on exactly how you'd like this to work!

  • Admin
    Michel Besner commented
    November 18, 2016 17:55

    Yes please give us some example on how you would expect this to function. what kind of integration you would like to see ?

  • Erica Schisler commented
    November 18, 2016 21:55

    Hello Franck, Katharine and the other voters! We're really interested in how we should integrate with Animate. We would love to hear your ideas. But we would also like to know more about your workflow. Feel free to post more info here. Or if you prefer, feel free to email me with more details:

  • Franck Payen commented
    November 21, 2016 05:24
    There are really 2 ways to think that, in and out. And there's a 3rd way that does it back and forth when needed (think dynamic link in the other tools)
    Ok, so, how I would see this. First thing, drawing, since we have some nice tools in An, that understand layers AND animation + nesting parts, that could be an awesome way to prepare the files to go to Ch.
    I would build a character. I could even bone it (would that translate nicely with the stick figures options in Ch ?).
    I could build symbols for behaviours (the fireball would be a symbol, and the keyframes would be imported as layers inside Ch). The symbols would all be « in place », and pinned where they should : fireball in the hand, eyes on top of the face.
    We’d have multiple ways of nesting : symbols and groups. A head would be wether a single front head, with layers of eyes, nose, mouths…
    Now, all those vectors are in place, I recorded my performance(s), voices and lipsyncs.
    From here, I could Dynamic link to Ae or Premiere and integrate into Movie. I could also export frame by frame PNG cartoon, but that would really be heavy.
    A nice option would be to send back to Animate to maybe merge the top of my character (face, upper chest) to what I am doing in the rest of the animation.
    That would require a limitation to AS3 An files to get the audio sync.
    And another limitation since I don’t know how much of the deformations could be taken into account.
    But I guess that would be interesting to get that audio  sync, the eyes, pupil, eyebrows, and the global head set translated.
    in An I could now finish my backgrounds, integrate the character as a (nested) symbol inside a comp…
    In and out and in again
    This is much more complicated workflow (I guess), but from that merged An file, I could maybe improve again my character and send it again to Ch to add some text… Not sure if the overall complexity of the task (what was inside first, what was animated by Ch, what was hand-enhanced in An then) can be translated and useful in a production work where everything is supposed to be storyboarded.
    But (one of) my main concern(s) is keeping the vectors clean before exporting to HD, 4K, moreK…
  • Katharine Gilbert commented
    November 22, 2016 19:32

    Franck has done a great job with the explanation. Only added note would be that in An morphing is so very doable. If I remember correctly some have done this within Ch.

  • Franck Payen commented
    November 24, 2016 03:49

    Another thing I'm wondering is what about using generated spritesheets from Animate ? inside the add cycle layers, they would take into account any data file for the size and duration of an image.

  • scott evans commented
    February 3, 2017 02:05

    Top of the list! I would love to be able to sync to my Animate file instead of Photoshop and Illustrator, it would save having to export all my animations to png sequence layers, which I then have to import into PS

  • Jaanus commented
    February 3, 2017 10:43


    Yes, I would agree. The ability to more seemlessly combine Ch and AN would me my #1 request for new features. The ability to animate an An file in Ch and then send it back to An would be awesome, if possible. I'm not very experienced with either program yet, but at the state the programs are in and with my perhaps limited understanding of them, at the moment I would love the robust possibilities of finetuning that An has to be combined with the ease and flexibility of some of Ch features. My workflow perhaps would be to animate a character in Ch and then finetune in An. At the moment I like the possibility of precision of lip sync in An better, it isn't too timeconsuming either with Keyframe Caddy or Frame Picker, but on the other hand, the ease of overall movement, I find better in Ch. I haven't found any easy method in An to get the morphing and body stretching or the dangle effect to work. The sometimes horrible results that come with using the 3d rotation tool or the bone tool there, can give one a headache, while in Ch the options of physics currently available are quite a breeze, with the wind effect and all. For my workflow it would really be awesome if I could record body movement and some physics (the dangle) in Ch, perhaps even simple lip sync if it could be later adjusted in An, then go to An and put it in some more complicated animation, after which I would go to After Effects or Premiere to finish it all up.


    If something like that could be possible, the combination of these programs would really be a killer.

  • Denis Thomopoulos commented
    September 16, 2017 00:06

    Hi, I've worked for years creating cartoons in flash and animate and would love to see Character Animator work seamlessly with those programs, or at the least be able to use a fla file in Character Animator, this would save a lot of time exporting and redoing files. Thank you. 

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