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One Behavior Panel

i find two Behavior Panels, in Properties, confusing. I'm forever going from one to another. The difference seems predominantly to do with recording options and this seems to do with the Red Tick options, on or off.  Surely one Behavior Panel could incorporate all the options, rather that switching from one to another.

I always have the Scene Panel floating and open, so whatever I'm doing I can see the results. Having one Behaviors Panel would certainly help with this?

  • Richard Page
  • Nov 29 2016
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  • David Simons commented
    November 29, 2016 18:11

    You're referring to the difference between the properties for Track Item Behaviors and the Puppet Behaviors. The reason they are separate is that you can drag a single puppet P into a scene more than once. So if P has been added to a scene to create two track items T1 and T2, any changes to the properties in the P affect both T1 & T2 (unless overridden in T1 or T2). And any changes to T1 or T2 do not affect each other (or P). Since recording is only allowed on track items (not puppets directly), you only see the red arm-for-record buttons in the properties for T1 & T2, not in the properties for P. Similarly, since handle-params and layer-params are matched by tag at the puppet level, you'll only see those parameters in the puppet behaviors (e.g. where you can see how many Head handles the Face behavior has matched on).

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