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A Morphing Mouth That Follows The Tracking Dots

The Tracking Dots work really well, specially around the mouth.. the lines of Tracking Dots, that form the mouth,  follow any expression you make. The potential to develop the use of these seems really good.

 When working in Ch I realised that the  Mesh used in Ch is very much along the lines of Warping, especially the Puppet Warping, developed in Photoshop.

It seemed to me that if these two elements, the Tracking Dots and Mesh, could be incorporated and developed further, there would the potential to add many features to Ch.


So my idea:

1. Have a filled in rectangle that has Warping/Transformation Points, as in Photoshop, placed around the rectangle. These Points would be matched to the Tracking Points in Ch Face Tracking. When the your mouth moves and makes shapes... Ah, D, E etc.. the Tracking Dots would move accordingly, then the  Warping/Transformation Points would follow and the mouth shape would be formed.

This mouth shape could be added to any character.

You wouldn't have to create individual layers for each mouth shape.

Great for Live performance.


2. With a simple modification, this Mouth could be applied to any image/photo and used to make the image/photo talk.

The modification:

1. First you have to effectively cut a line on the image where you want the mouth to be. This could be done by adding a straight line between the two outer points of the mouth and fill in white.

2. The Warping?Transformation Points would have to be attached to the underlying image.

The affect: when you move your mouth and the Tracking Dots follow the movements, the Warping Points would move accordingly and the underlying image would Warp to follow.



Another idea that just springs to mind; if you could select a Tracking Point and then add a corresponding point on the image you are working on, you could build up a shape and Warp/Transform away!?


I'm sure there must be other ways of doing this and hopefully this will get others thinking of how!?

  • Richard Page
  • Dec 1 2016
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