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Have you guys ever thought about teaming up with adobe story, to make a story book app?

The way you can make a character and bring them to life is so easy using  Character Animator, and I alway use  Abode story to write my narratives in. It would be so cool to see some type of app where you can make your own online comic book/story book style format. Where everything is already set up for you like, different type of backgrounds,  customizable characters with a small amount of animate and you're still able to create your own unique stuff as well, but as a writer  the only thing you have to do is drag and dope your character into the comic book panels or whatever stage you want your story to look like, and just write in your text.

I got the idea from playing an app on my phone called  "Episode"  where they encourage teens and adult to write stories and they supply you with a wide range of characters, background, and animation. Which is not bad but you can't make your own unique stuff and you have to do a small amount of tedious coding to get your writing and character to work together, and this app has  10million downloads.  I know you guys could make an app where you don't have to do any coding at all, and that would blow episodes out of the water.

 I understand making a cell phone apps isn't on your radar, I'm just throwing this out there, but if you download  "episode" on your computer and tried to make a story you would see exactly what I'm talking about. 


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  • Jan 8 2017
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