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Front to back physics emulation - F/B Head Tilt phsyics to other dragged selections.

Currently drag's pull the mesh left or right or up and  down on the plane, however it would also be nice to simulate stretching the mesh toward or away from the screen, maybe with an alt function that adds an automatic zoom+- with some predictive and/or constrained effect on the mesh. Similar to head position enlargement/reduction but applicable to other selected parts of the character.  I would use this for simpler 'alt grab and pose' ability to animate a left hook punch toward or into a camera.  It would seem that the current head tilt works by tilting the whole plane with a skew, this would effectively mean instead of shifting it as a whole, tilting just one selected section.  The ideal version would maybe be able to select two points and have the ability to toggle on/off inverse.  Allowing the ability to simulate perspective changes in drag based gestures and actions.

  • J Ross
  • Feb 19 2017
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