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Eliminate the L/R constraint to allow more than 2 paired features - let me have a 3 eyed octopus

Eliminate the L/R constraint to features or allow nested/grouped multiples of L/R in a single puppet, creating the ability to any number of independent eyes, arms, legs, maybe even heads. Alternatively the ability to add L/R non-anatomy based objects, allowing those to be assigned names like Left Leg, Left Leg 2.  Maybe this could be done now with 'nested' characters. The purpose would allow for animation of non-anthropomorphic puppets with head and face gestures using assignment. 

  • J Ross
  • Feb 19 2017
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  • J Ross commented
    February 20, 2017 18:01

    I did recently see a partial solution to this in the Tip's and Tricks video, almost exactly my example, so you can assign face properties to additional parts, but they are still inherently limited to the L/R bi-lateral structure. Ideally Eye 1-? could each be assigned their own action vs tied to one of the existing pair.

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