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MIDI Implementation

Using a midi controller to launch different scenes and poses would be huge for people who stream live.  It would help with control over the hands and legs until we can get the webcams to do it. Having midi would help with people who would want to run Character Animator along side a DAW. (digital audio workspace.  Being able to hit 1 button and have the puppet strike a pose and the DAW at the same time plays trumpets sounds. This could even be implemented in live DJ/VJ shows!

  • brandon sapp
  • Feb 22 2017
  • Planned
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  • Stefan Hanitzsch commented
    February 26, 2017 15:01

    DEFINITELY would be great to have soundfiles triggered within ChAn. 

    I've successfully used a midi keyboard (X-Keys) for triggering animations but I have no experience with sounds, yet. 

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