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Find multiple layers and tag/create behaviors/add keyboard keys in one place!

I often find myself twirling through layers of multiple head cycles looking for one layer to tag, create a behavior for, add a keyboard key, etc.


For example, if I create a "frown" face in the mouths layer, and I want to add a keyboard trigger, I have to go through all the faces looking for the "frown" layer to add the keyboard trigger.


It would be easier if there was a "find" function where I could type in "frown", have all the layers with the word "frown" in them appear in a box, and then from there I could add a keyboard trigger to all those layers at once, rather than having to go through all the faces looking for the "frown" layers.


Controlling all the layers with the same name, from one place, would be so much faster than the constant having to twirl open layers and digging down to find the layers I'm looking for.

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  • Apr 8 2017
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