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Virtual Camera

Having a virtual camera could make for far more interesting animation in CH. Having this virtual camera like in the new update for Animate CC could make it much easier to make a full scene right in CH; without needing to export it to AfterFX or Premiere for camera works. 


A further explanation on what is a virtual camera; as seen in the update notes of Animate CC:


Virtual camera support

New in Animate CC (November 2016)

Previously, you relied on third-party extensions of varying quality and compatibility orֲ modified your animations to mimic a camera movement. From this releaseֲ onward, you can use the following features that are integral to anyֲ motion film:

  • Panning with the subject of the frame
  • Zooming on the object of interest for dramatic effectֲ 
  • Zooming out of a frame to remind the viewer of a larger picture
  • Modifying the focal point to shift attention of the viewer from one subject to another
  • Rotating the camera
  • Applying color effects using color tint or filters
  • Guy Einhoren
  • Apr 21 2017
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