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Razor tool

I have been working on a video in Premiere where a puppet is on screen talking directly to the camera and I cut to B-Roll occasionally. I had one segment I decided to cut. But it was right in the middle of a puppet segment. I thought it would be so easy to go into Character Animator and slice out the bad part. Then use the blend handles to smooth out the performance, completely eliminating the edit. 

I also thought this could be useful to split up a pre-recorded audio track if you needed to create larger gaps, like for another character recorded on a different track.


Okay. I went and watched a few tutorial videos before submitting this, and realized Ch does have a SPLIT feature (cmd/cntl + shift + D) And that basically gave me the results I was looking for. So I guess I'm asking for an icon to click that will give me a cursor to position and perform this function. 

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  • May 6 2017
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