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Generate Nutcracker Jaw Data from Prerecorded Audio

Since the nutcracker jaw is probably most often used as an alternative or supplement to lip sync, it makes a lot of sense to incorporate a similar method to generate data from prerecorded audio. At the moment, I'm recording it by holding my headphones up to my microphone and hitting record.

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  • May 9 2017
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  • David Henderson commented
    October 4, 2017 17:27

    Ive been there!
    At the moment I'm lip-syncing a live performance for the jaw, doing 75% speed playback. then another pass or two in real time for eyes, head position etc.
    I'd LOVE to see "compute lip sync from scene audio" apply to Nutcracker Jaw rigs.
    If it does, I cannot get it to work.

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