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Integrate "Project Voco" with Ch to create a voice library from professional voice actors

Even with solid illustration and animation chops, Ch projects still depend on high quality voice acting to really bring characters to life. (And I image very few of us immersed in the visual creative world have equal talents in the voice acting world - I certainly don't :) ). 
But what if Adobe leveraged Project Voco - which allows users to generate convincing vocal audio from typed content given only a small sample of the user’s voice - did more than just offer vocal editing? 
What if Adobe adapted Voco to create a huge library of character voices by hiring professional voice actors to provide samples – so that Ch users could focus on what they are probably quite good at (illustration and animation) and not feel stuck with the need to find and record voice talent to bring their characters to life? 
Voco might even be trained to pick up on inflection – so rather than typing the needed content and having Voco guess on subtleties of inflection, etc – the Ch user could perform their own recording and have Voco replace the user's voice with a selected voice actor's speech from the voice library.
  • Kevin McMahon
  • Jun 22 2017
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