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Get rid of autosave

It's an Adobe product.  So you should revert to the standard save, save-as, save-scene-as options.  A continuous autosave is confusing for people who want to make multiple versions of their puppet, and it sometimes creates problems and frustration.  For example:  Finished rigging my puppet.  But one thing wasn't working that used to work.  So I zipped back in the history panel to find what step it was that broke it.  Found it.  Oops... made one tiny change, but now my undo-redo history is cleared.  Gotta start all over again.

Also, hopefully someday you can link a puppet's performance directly into Premiere or After Effects so you can tweak a performance in CH, save it, and it updates in AE.  (Just like your Photoshop changes automatically update into CH).   But if you have auto-save, it'll be updating every time you experiment or re-rig for another pose/scene.


P.S.  I love the messages autosave gives you after a dozen CTRL+S's.

  • John CrossTimber
  • Jul 17 2017
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