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Delay cycle layers by x frames

In the August 2017 Tips and Tricks Dave is presenting a super hero character with "light reflection flicker" as she holds fire in her palm. It is triggered by the same key as the 4 frame hand movement. Because the span is so short it is not noticed much but the flicker starts 4 frames before the fire appears and thus using such a technique is limited to very short sequences where the difference is hardly notices.

I submit a feature request that allows

a) to delay a layer cycle by x frames

OR (maybe more general to the same effect)

b) delay by x frames whatever behavior is triggered by a key (selectable for each folder triggered seperately)

This would be helpful to sell similar effects as in this Tipps and Tricks especially when for example the hand movement in this particular example spent 15 frames conjuring up fire. Then the reflection would start noticably too soon. Such a feature is also helpful in many other scenarios. I have several in my scenes where for example the complete body is animated by layer cycle via a key and the mouth shape has to be placed in a new location. Now the work around is that I have to hide the new mouth under an identical layer cycle of the body on top that cycles once and does not hold the last layer. Having the option instead to delay the appearance of an element (or layer cycle) would reduce the size of the photoshop puppet source by 20-30% which is a huge performance increase when working with 4k puppets (a must, if you want to play with camera shots in AE) 

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  • Aug 2 2017
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