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Create keyboard shortcuts for selection tool, hand tool, and magnifying glass

Hi Guys,


I LOVE this program but often find myself annoyed working in the rig workspace because I have to keep clicking back in the toolbar to select the hand tool, selection tool, and magnifying glass. I understand that you probably wanted to keep preprogrammed shortcuts to a minimum to give users more keys to assign to their puppets, but I wanted to suggest that you assign those tools their own shortcuts or at least make it so that we have the option to assign them a keyboard shortcut if we'd like. I feel this will speed up the overall workflow and make the user experience more enjoyable. This could also be helpful for other tools such as the handle tool, stick tool, pin tool, etc. I apologize if this has already been fixed as I may be on an older version of Character Animator. 


-Zach A.

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  • Sep 12 2017
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