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Eye Moves Attached To Blinking

I like the snapping function in the next release of Character Animator.  Here is a tool I would also like to see.  When a normal person looks at someone to their left and then looks at someone to their right, their eye blinks.  Same way from right to left.  If your pupil travels from one person to another without blinking, you look insane.  A blink hides the pupil's jump in direction.  So if an eye change in direction when a key is pressed could be attached to a blink, it would add some natural behavior to eye movement.

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  • Sep 23 2017
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    October 17, 2017 19:51

    You can already do this. if your doing eyegaze with a webcam you can just naturally blink and move your eyes. You can also set a trigger for blinking and manually press a button to blink.

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